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The ECO label "Zala josta" on goods certifies to buyers that the product manufacturer or importer is involved in the used packaging or environmentally hazardous goods management program of "Zala josta" Ltd. and takes care of the packaging of goods or environmentally hazardous products to be collected after use, processed, delivered for re-circulating and for it not to cause any harm to the environment.

Thus, choosing the goods with the ECO label "Zala josta", you support those Latvian companies, which care about the environment and are responsible for the impacts on the environment caused by their business, attempting to minimize harmful impacts and protect nature.

For the ECO label to fulfill its principal functions, each of us shall be involved in the EKO label "Zala josta" system. In particular, we as consumers of goods must take care for the packaging of goods or environmentally hazardous goods after their use to be recycled. Therefore, remember – after drinking a soft drink, we wash the plastic bottle, flatten it and throw in a sorted collection container for plastics. After eating some jam the empty jar also shall be rinsed and thrown into a sorted collection container for glass waste. Also a cardboard box of the eaten up breakfast cereal shall be flattened and thrown into the container for paper waste. Similarly, we have to take care of used batteries delivering them to a special battery collection container.

"Zala josta" will take care of the future recycling of secondary raw materials. Our cooperation partners and subcontractors on contract basis operate all around the territory of Latvia by actively collecting and recycling the collected by you sorted waste. We can proudly announce that "Zala josta" with the mediation of specialized secondary raw material collection and recycling companies annually collects and regenerates much larger amount of the recyclable raw materials than required by the state laws. Engaging in the packaging, environmentally hazardous product and electrical equipment management system of "Zala josta" Ltd., everyone can be sure of making a great service for themselves and the surrounding nature.


About the ECO sign "Zaļā josta"

Samples of ECO sign "Zaļā josta" placement on products