ECO sign „Zaļā josta”

ECO sign is a sign granted by „Zaļā josta” Ltd. to enterprises which have joined „Zaļā josta” Ltd. voluntary used packaging management program and therefore care for collecting, sorting and recycling used packaging into recycled raw materials.


Presentation about the ECO sign

„Zaļā josta” ECO sign on the packaging of your product certifies that your company is environmentally friendly since in collaboration with „Zaļā josta” Ltd. used packaging from your products is collected and recycled. A system of „Zaļā josta” ECO sign has been developed in order to explain residents about recycling as well as the meaning of „Zaļā josta” ECO sign thus promoting buyers to choose products with „Zaļā josta” ECO sign – a sign of environmentally friendly enterprise, and to throw out the packaging in specified container afterwards.

„Zaļā josta” ECO sign shows that the company understands the significance of voluntary management of used packaging or environmentally harmful products as well as feels responsible for potential damage to environment caused by packaging and environmentally harmful products produced by their economic activities.

Caring attitude towards environment improves the image of the company in the eyes of society. By obtaining rights to use „Zaļā josta” ECO sign your company obtains a visible proof that you have honestly taken care for the packaging your company produces to be collected and recycled into recycled raw materials. By using recycled raw materials it is possible no only to maintain natural resources but also to minimize the amount of waste in dumping grounds.

In the last few years the number of our collaboration partners has grown quite rapidly meaning that number of companies which have „Zaļā josta” ECO sign on their products has increased as well.

Everyone wants to live in clean and neat environment!