The objective of "Zala josta" is to create a clean and tidy Latvian environment, establishing a society, where a contractor is responsible and takes care of collection and recycling of the self-generated used packaging, environmentally hazardous products, electrical equipment, while members of the public are educated and motivated to sort the waste, discard it in the designated areas, as well as treat with care natural resources in general.

We have created a complex information block, where there is collected the most important information and auxiliary materials for all of us to participate fully in waste sorting and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

In order to facilitate the sorting of waste in the country, "Zala josta" provides consulting for a proper waste sorting at home, as well as has developed environmental education materials for different audiences about the proper disposal of waste and saving of natural resources.

We invite anyone interested to keep up with the activity section of "Zala josta", where we reflect upon the information about the company implemented environmental projects, environmental education activities, the recycled raw material collection competitions and many other "green" activities, inviting everyone to involve.