Management of the environmentally harmful products

"Zala josta" Ltd. offers companies the cooperation in the waste management of environmentally harmful products (EHP). Within the framework of cooperation to the company there is offered an opportunity to enter into a contract with "Zala josta" Ltd., thus not only obtaining an exemption from the Natural Resources Tax (NRT) and execution of the statutory requirements, but also the publicity of a responsible and environmentally friendly company.


„Zala josta” Ltd. offers its customers:

  • 100% exemption from payment of the NRT for environmentally harmful products;
  • A full execution of the EHP management program (collection, sorting, recycling, recovery, etc. in accordance with the laws and regulations);
  • You will no longer have to submit the NRT reports to the SRS on the EHP;
  • Simplified reporting system (opportunity to report in electronic form, furthermore the report is available as in Latvian so Russian);
  • Opportunity to receive delivery-acceptance statements and bills electronically, reducing postage costs;
  • The right to use free of charge the EKO label of "Zala josta" Ltd. on your products, confirming to the customers that your company is environmentally friendly and seeks to minimize the damage caused by business to the nature;
  • A professional and competent expert advice on related issues, as well as the opportunity to attend free of charge the seminars organized by "Zala josta" Ltd.


In collaboration with "Zala josta" Ltd. your company can be assured that it has complied with all the statutory requirements, saving significantly, while caring for the clean environment in Latvia.

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