Start cooperation in the management of packaging

How does the cooperation work?

  1. A NRT payer for packaging enters into a contract with "Zala josta";
  2. When the contract enters into force (on the first date of the first month of the next quarter), the client further presents reports on the realized volumes of the packages and/ or disposable tableware and accessories in a convenient for themselves way - electronically or on paper;
  3. "Zala josta", based on the data supplied by the customer, provides for the collection and recovery of the realized by the customer volume of packaging throughout the territory of Latvia, involving the regional secondary raw material collection and processing companies;
  4. "Zala josta" reports on the realized by the customers packaging volumes and the volumes of the recycled secondary raw materials to the respective controlling state institutions;
  5. For the payments performed by the customers "Zala josta" funds the recovery of secondary raw materials in the country, develops the collection and recycling infrastructure of the secondary raw materials, implements public environmental education projects promoting waste sorting in Latvia.


In order to start cooperation with "Zala josta" Ltd. in the management of packaging and disposable tableware and accessories, you must provide:

Two (2) completed and signed copies of the contract with attachments (one per party);

• a photocopy of the Merchant registration certificate.


After the cooperation agreement is concluded, you will further have to submit the following documents (in a convenient for you form electronically / on paper):

  • By the 20th date of each quarter (January, April, July, October) a report on the types and amounts of the realized in the previous quarter or used to ensure own business activities packaging and disposable tableware and accessories (for customers who received the NRT relief, the report must be submitted exclusively and solely to “Zala josta” Ltd.);
  • Each year, before November 15, the report on the planned volumes of packaging and disposable tableware and accessories for the following year.


Download the sample report

Download the sample report on the planned volumes