Tīrai Latvijai!

„Zaļā josta” Ltd. is a Latvian company that cares for clean Latvia and responsible business activity by operating in two ways:

  • We organize management of used packaging, disposable dishes and tableware, environmentally harmful products and electrical appliances thus providing an opportunity for our clients to obtain a 100% exemption from Natural Resources Tax as well as to ensure that waste generated by their economic activity is collected, recycled and goes into repeated circulation.
  • We organize environmentally educational activities.

„Zaļā josta” Ltd. offers full management cycle from fulfilling duties defined by law in order for your company to obtain 100% tax exemption from NRT for used packaging, environmentally harmful products and/or electric and electronic appliances to management of waste including collection, recycling and regeneration thus providing a caring attitude towards environment.

In order to begin collaboration with „Zaļā josta” Ltd. you have to complete and sign the particular collaboration agreement and submit the necessary documents for „Zaļā josta” Ltd. to submit reports to ministry of environment on your behalf. After concluding the contract you will have to submit reports to „Zaļā josta” Ltd. in a simple and convenient way.

„Zaļā josta” Ltd. services:

  • Management of used packaging and disposable dishes and tableware;
  • Management of waste from environmentally harmful products;
  • Management of waste from electric and electronic appliances.

How will your company benefit from collaboration with „Zaļā josta” Ltd.?

  •  „Zaļā josta” Ltd. will include your company in packaging, environmentally harmful product or electric and electronic appliance management program approved by ministry of environment;
  • Your company will obtain exemption from Natural Resources Tax for waste management;
  • Within the framework of collaboration regarding packaging management, „Zaļā josta” Ltd. will register your company as a packager in Environment State Bureau;
  •  „Zaļā josta” Ltd. will submit reports to ministry of environment on your behalf. Staff of your company will not have to worry about regular reports to ministry of environment and Environment State Bureau and will not have to take responsibility for observing the laws and regulations of packaging, environmentally harmful product and electric and electronic appliance management;
  • Collaboration with „Zaļā josta” Ltd. will save your companies financial resources since our tariffs are significantly lower than NRT rates;
  •  „Zaļā josta” Ltd. will collect and deliver for recycling packaging imported and realized by your company as well as environmentally harmful products and electric and electronic appliances and fulfil regeneration duties defined by law;
  • You will be invited to attend free „Zaļā josta” Ltd. seminars regarding NRT and binding legislations chaired by leading specialists of Latvia;
  • Your company will obtain rights to use „Zaļā josta” Ltd. trademark on product packaging free of charge thus showing your customers that your company is environmentally friendly and is participating in waste management program and therefore is taking care for clean environment of Latvia;
  • Highly competent staff of „Zaļā josta” Ltd. will consult you regarding waste management process and will help with ordering and arranging documents according to legislation requirements.


Do you have any questions regarding management or collaboration options?
Do not hesitate and call our sales executives who will provide you with a thorough answer:

  1. Martins Eglite, telephone +371 67607879, +371 67607880, email: martins.eglite@zalajosta.lv;
  2. Irita Arharova, telephone +371 67607883, +371 67607880, email: irita.arharova@zalajosta.lv