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Caring for clean Latvia and responsible business activity in it

Management of used packaging, environmentally harmful products and electrical appliances

How “Zaļā josta” works?

Referring to the law, everyone who manufactures or imports goods into packaging in Latvia must pay the Natural resources tax (NRT). The tax is also payable by those who manufacture or import environmentally harmful goods, such as batteries and tires, or electrical goods, starting from refrigerators to mobile phones.

As the business grows, the amount of tax payable will increase with each kilogram of plastic packaging. Nothing can be done there. Or maybe there’s another option?

What do we do?

We organize management of used packaging, disposable dishes and tableware, environmentally harmful products and electrical appliances thus providing an opportunity for our clients to obtain a 100% exemption from Natural Resources Tax as well as to ensure that waste generated by their economic activity is collected, recycled and goes into repeated circulation.

Active management agreements
Tons of recycled paper and cardboard packaging *
Tons of recycled plastic packaging *
Tons of recycled electrical equipment *

* throughout the life of the Company