„Zaļā josta” Ltd. is a Latvian company that cares for clean Latvia and responsible business activity by operating in two ways:

We organize management of used packaging, disposable dishes and tableware, environmentally harmful products and electrical appliances thus providing an opportunity for our clients to obtain a 100% exemption from Natural Resources Tax as well as to ensure that waste generated by their economic activity is collected, recycled and goes into repeated circulation.
We organize environmentally educational activities.

The goal of „Zaļā josta” Ltd. is to form a society in which entrepreneurs take responsibility and care for collection and recycling of used packaging, environmentally harmful products and electrical appliances used or generated by them as well as to educate and motivate members of this society to sort their waste and to dispose of them in designated places and to have a caring attitude towards natural resources in general.

„Zaļā josta” Ltd. was founded in 2002 when first contracts with managers of used packaging were concluded. Today we are among the market leaders with a many collaboration partners from both waste managers and local governments. We base our operation on basic principles – responsible business activity, high level of competence and Professional collaboration.

We are interested not only in our direct partners – entrepreneurs, but also in society in general. It is the society, principal values and attitude towards environmental issues of which will motivate responsible business activities and awareness of consequences that products of each company bring about during their life cycle.

„Zaļā josta” gives significant contribution to environmental education of all segments of society including large scale competitions for youngest generation, enhancement of level of environmental knowledge of teachers as well as campaigns comprising whole society, paying special attention to environmentally active citizens. Within educational programmes we publish books for pupils and teachers, organize seminars and campaigns, distribute educational materials and address state officials and leaders of public opinion.

We are aware that it is not an easy task to achieve true reverence towards environment and to form motivated society, acting in accordance with this attitude on daily basis, yet we believe that we are moving towards educated and responsible society.

Active management agreements
Tons of recycled paper and cardboard packaging*
Tons of recycled plastic packaging*
Tons of recycled electrical equipment*

* throughout the life of the Company