“Zala josta” Ltd. offers cooperation in packaging, disposable tableware and accessories, environmentally hazardous products, electrical and electronic equipment management,

which provides companies with 100% exemption from the natural resources tax. In collaboration with “Zala josta”, the company not only meets the statutory requirements, but also gains eco-friendly and responsible company publicity, while the company’s accountants facilitate their working day and are aware of all the current events in the industry.

In collaboration with “Zala josta” your company’s accountant will obtain:

Advice of professional and competent personnel on natural resource tax, its calculation and accounting
Simplified and convenient reporting and billing system (including electronic form in Latvian and Russian), which greatly saves your time
Opportunity to attend free of charge seminars of “Zala josta” Ltd. organized on the latest developments in the binding legislation and innovations in the industry
A guidebook to organizing natural resource tax accounting in a company
Opportunity to receive free of charge in electronic format on a regular basis all the latest information in the industry

In its turn the cooperation with “Zala josta” Ltd will provide your company with:

Opportunity for the company to save money by receiving 100% exemption from the natural resource tax
Opportunity to use free of charge EKO label of “Zala josta” Ltd. on their products, obtaining for the company’s products and services additional added value in the eyes of the customers
Publicity of an eco-friendly and responsible company
Professional solutions in the issues of management of packaging, environmentally hazardous products and electrical equipment
Opportunity to participate in the organized by “Zala josta” Ltd. environmental education activities, competitions and events, promoting the company’s collective environmental education
Certainty about the stability and reliability of the management system, as “Zala josta” Ltd. and the company’s partners are working in compliance with all the legal and environmental requirements

Companies that cooperate with “Zala josta” Ltd. save substantial amounts of money by successfully planning their business expenses, demonstrate to their customers with pride environmentally responsible company publicity, while employees professionally orient themselves in packaging, environmentally hazardous products and electrical equipment registration at the company, quickly and easy prepare reports and have high competence in management issues.

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