Save money by preserving natural resources for children!

Being involved in waste sorting, each of us reduces personal waste management costs, while providing a clean environment and saved natural resources for future generations.

Join us in waste sorting

“Zala josta” invites people to join us in ecologically -economic lifestyle. It means to live in caring for the environment, your health, future generations and the thickness of own wallet. Furthermore, it is quite simple. The main key to success lies in a correct disposal of own waste – on a philosophical level.

Put health in first place

What is the most important for each of us, valuable and cannot be bought for money? It is health that depends on in how orderly and clean environment we live, how pure and uncontaminated products we eat, how fresh and unpolluted air we breathe. Also, burning waste in inappropriate devices causes highly toxic smoke and fumes. Waste- generated pollution accumulates in the environment – heavy metals, chemical compounds, etc. – and with the rain water it is absorbed in the soil, plants growing nearby that we use as food and drinking water, and finally the substances enter our bodies, causing chronic diseases, impairment of various organs or even severe intoxication. Waste sorting and proper management significantly improves the state of the environment and directly improves our health not only now, but also for future generations.

Let’s sort the waste together

It is possible to get for money almost all other values in life, so financial saving is one of the main arguments for waste sorting at home. The rates of the management and removal of the household unsorted waste in the country every year are being purposefully increased. In their turn, the sorted waste is removed for recycling free of charge. Therefore, if you want to save every month a certain amount of money – sort the waste!